Estonia controls border with Lativa

This week, the Police and Border Guard Department of Estonia will introduce temporary control of documents on the internal border of the EU between Estonia and Latvia to test the capabilities of its services, as well as cooperation with its southern neighbour.

The press service of the Police and Border Guard Department confirms that the exercises that begin on Tuesday, 7.06.2017, and will focus on logistics and resource planning,

According to the official Helen Neyder-Weerme, four checkpoints will be temporarily opened on Tuesday, the 7th  and Wednesday  the 8th of June, on the land border of Estonia and Latvia – in the city of Valga, as well as in Myizakyla, Vastse-Roosa, Murati and Ikla.

In addition, extra patrols will be sent to the border areas, which will conduct a random check of vehicles and documents, as well as gather information concerning the movement of people.

On June 6 and 7, all those crossing the border of Estonia and Latvia need to be prepared for possible checks of documents and vehicles, said Nader-Weerme.

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