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The EU supervises Poland for the media law #EU #Poland #media


Since the right-wing Law and Justice party won the country’s parliament elections in Poland, there have been many disputes with the European Union.

In Poland has been made a new law about media that gives the government the power to directly appoint the heads of Poland’s public broadcaster. This law created many doubts and worries in Brussels where the European Union members accused Poland to violate the press freedom and pluralism.

The Polish primer Beata Szydlo said that this debate was inopportune because she thinks that every Polish problem has to be solved in Poland without the participation of other countries. In fact, the history has proved that there could be disastrous consequences if other countries interfered with Polish issues. So Szydlo believes that this debate has to be discussed in the Polish Parliament and not in the European one.

Poland insists that the European Commission shouldn’t still examine the Polish situation because in the country there aren’t violations of humans rights. Moreover, Poland claims to be respected as a free nation.

The Polish minster of justice, Zbigniew Ziobro has thanked to the Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans for not challenging the result of democratic election in Poland and for respecting the country’s sovereignty.




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