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Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump #Trump #Palin #us


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump at an Iowa campaign stop. Then she supported him in a joint appearance on Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Palin could really be crucial for the battle against Ted Cruz to win the Iowa caucuses that will be held on February 1. The caucuses are an event where voters from all of Iowa voting precincts meet to elect delegates to the country conventions. In the past Palin spoke warmly about Cruz and now her support for Trump could help the votes of Texas senators.

Cruz has labeled Trump as a “fake conservative” so the Palin’s backing for Trump can ensure conservative voters that he is the real deal.

In a Trump administration Palin would like to work in the Department of Energy because she said “energy is my baby” and she really represents a champion for the conservative cause.

Palin who worked as Alaska governor is more a culture figure now while Trump is a celebrity businessman who decided to choose politics.



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