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On November 3rd and 4th, Jerusalem hosted the International Leaders Summit, an independent think tank comprised of global reform leaders and proponents of the rule of law, market economy and global trade dedicated to strengthening the rule of law, advancing economic reforms and committed to expanding trade and presenting new security strategies for the 21st century.

But why did the group choose Jerusalem as the summit location ?

This choice seems highly strategical. Many debated issues concerning the Middle East are warming the hearts of world’s politicians. As we have previously discussed, the differentiation of products from settlements is a high conflictual topic between Israel and the EU; in addition, the recent Iran nuclear deal is expected to relaunch the Islamic republic’s role throughout the region – and we remind that Iran has long promoted an anti-Israeli politics; not to be forgotten are ISIL’s persistent menace and the Middle Eastern countries’ interest in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict.

The strategic educational Summit’s audience was comprised of  international participants from the US, Israel, Europe and the greater Middle East. The inclusion of representatives from six European parliaments in the group gives everyone the opportunity to address the common problems such as the rise of radical Islam, the unmitigated explosion of widespread corruption, arms, weapons, drugs and human smuggling” – the Croatian co-founder of the ILS said.

The summit gave therefore the opportunity to the country’s leading voices and key stakeholders to discuss about foreign policy, US-Israel relations, Europe-Israel relations, the present threats to the West, Israel and the foundation of the rule of law which protects life, liberty and property. While great expectations were placed in the International Leaders Summit, results are still far from turn into real change.

Valentina CALCAGNO

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