Over 20,000 ISIL terrorists may be disguised as Syrian refugees in Lebanon #isil #terrorists #refugees #disguise


Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said that ISIL terrorists were plotting to enter Europe.

Over 20,000 Islamic State extremists may be disguised as refugees in camps in Lebanon, one of the country’s government officials told British media.

“My gut feeling is they [ISIL] are facilitating such an operation. To go to Europe and other places,” Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said, as quoted by the Daily Mirror tabloid late on Monday.

Saab estimated that at least two percent of the 1.1 million Syrian refugees hosted by Lebanon are ISIL militants secretly plotting to enter Europe in the confusion brought about by the migrant crisis.

He claimed that Lebanese soldiers kidnapped last summer were taken by “people who…came out of the camps.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who met Saab during a visit to refugee camps in Lebanon, announced the appointment of Richard Harrington to coordinate aid in the region and the resettlement of 20,000 Syrian refugees in Britain.

Cameron also announced a three-year $15-million education support package for refugees in Lebanon.

Last week, Hungarian secret service claimed to have detected two Arab terrorists who managed to get to Western Europe under the guise of refugees as tens of thousands of migrants flee their crisis-torn homelands.

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