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Brussels Design September has become the meeting place for design enthusiasts and encompasses over 100 cultural and commercial events in Brussels. For a month, the city becomes the meeting platform for numerous Belgian and international designers.

Brussels Design September gathers activities such as exhibitions, conferences, Arts & Crafts routes, the Commerce Design Brussels or the Brussels Design Market. There will be so many places for dialogue and meetings between designers, architects and design enthusiasts. A true urban route to be followed going through stores, pop-up stores, galleries, cultural venues. Of course, this year will be special: A 10th anniversary! This edition will be unique and festive thanks to the participation of numerous events. It is going to be a program that will be marked by the latest trends in Belgian and international design.

Faithful to the multidisciplinary spirit of the event, the different movements, influences, references and trades that participate in Design today will also be put in the limelight. Since January, the artistic direction and organization has been the responsibility of Roel Rijssenbeek. There is great ambition for the 2015 edition: design is part of our daily lives in the same way as Design September 2015 will be part of the daily life of the residents of Brussels. In September 2015, Brussels will not only be the Capital of Europe but particularly the European Design Capital.


Brussels City of Design

These few past years, Brussels has incontestably developed itself as city of Design. Thanks to the talent and the ingeniousness of our designers. The place of Design in the city starts to have its noble letters. Design September always wanted to connect with the city and represent its various exaltations and diversities. The importance of the event and its influence takes shape more and more: design in its most various forms takes an increasingly important place in the daily life of Brussels: urban furniture, installations, lights, innovations of our designers in the urban landscape. It has contributed in a positive way to the city’s reputation and to its economic and tourist activity. Brussels needs events that put creativity and innovation in the front row. Design September is proud to contribute to it.

Guest of Honour 2015: Mario Bellini


For more information: http://designseptember.be/

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