Marie’s Corner: The tailor-made seatings #mariescorner #tailormade #unique #furniture


Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Marie’s Corner is the haven of tailor-made seatings. The passion behind the designs by brand creator, Laetitia Low, has produced a formidable reputation that has been growing for nearly 25 years.  Along with co-founder Alain Low and designer Jacques Deneef, they represent the brand with passion, dynamism and creativity.

Marie’s corner offer a variety of high-class products from seats to tables, sofas to chairs that are all exceptionally produced and decorated by skilled craftsmen in their factory in Saragossa, Spain. Each piece is unique as they are tailor-made according to the vision of the customers. Some of the world’s most staggering homes, restaurants, clubhouses and luxurious hotels are adorned with the elegant, refined yet subtle-styled furniture by Marie’s Corner.


Putting its roots down in Belgium, the heart of Europe, Marie’s corner has extended to 45 countries, expanding its horizons to 45 countries from within and beyond the European markets such as Russia, Australia, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Today they have set their eyes upon making a name in the American market.

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