Expansion of military exercises in Europe increases risk of war #NATO #russia #seabreeze


NATO is launching the “Sea Breeze” military maneuver in the Black Sea on Monday. Around 2,500 participants from ten NATO countries and Ukraine will take part in the training this year, making it the largest exercise in its history, DWN reported.

A study by British think tank ELN has recently warned that the current massive expansion of NATO and Russian military exercises could greatly increase the risk of an outbreak of war in Europe.

The exercises demonstrated certain patterns typical for the period of preparation for a direct confrontation.

“Russia is preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia,” the publication wrote.

The multinational “Sea Breeze” naval maneuvers will start on Monday in Ukraine in Odessa and Nikolayev in the northwestern Black Sea. The exercise designed to serve as “training of a multinational security operation in the crisis region” will last until September 12, Ukrainian agency Ukrinform reported.

This year’s “Sea Breeze” exercise, with about 2,500 participants, will be the largest in its history.  Around 1,000 soldiers are reported to come from non-NATO member Ukraine and another 1,000 combatants — from the United States.

The remaining 500 soldiers come from 9 different partner countries, including Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Participating countries will deploy 20 warships, 5 submarines, 20 aircraft and helicopters, as well as numerous smaller boats and military vehicles. The training will particularly focus on ships’ interception, anti-submarine warfare and defense against small boat attacks.

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