Majority of UK residents support Cameron’s EU referendum. #UK #London #EU #referendum #cameron #conservatives


A survey reveals that the majority of UK citizens support the country’s referendum on its EU membership.

The majority of UK citizens said the country’s referendum on its EU membership would be worth it, according to a People and Power survey.

The findings of the survey conducted by Opinium Research revealed that 58 percent of surveyed supported UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s referendum on the country’s EU membership.

The poll, published Sunday, also revealed that 67 percent of UK residents wanted more power in decision-making on laws, taxes, public spending and planning.

Some 34 percent of the surveyed people said the United Kingdom’s economy would be better should the country exit the European Union.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to hold a referendum on the country’s possible exit from the European Union by the end of 2017. Cameron is seeking a revision of the terms of Britain’s EU membership, including greater autonomy in defining national migration policy.

The survey of some 2,150 UK adults was carried out online on August 21-25 according to pre-set quotas for age group, gender and region of residence to ensure a representative sample.

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