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PASCAL AFI NGESSAN on visit tour in Brussels #Ivorycoast #brussels #elections

1795935_1672838902950289_5654309579576488727_oM Pascal AFI NGESSAN , former Ivorian Prime Minister was visiting Europe recently in order to revive the Ivorian Popular Front.


Pascal AFI NGESSAN with Ivory Coast ambassador to Belgium H.E. Jean-Vincent Zinsou

During his stay he traveled to Brussels to meet the Ivorian diaspora, and to explain his government’s program because he will run for the presidential elections in 2015 . He explained to the auditorium that he wanted to place his country under an ambient of reconciliation, peace and safety. As you know, the Ivory coast has experienced for more than 10 years a political crisis which ended in a civil war after the 2010 elections, when the president Laurent Gbagbo was put in jail at the Hague where he still is detained.

Pascal Afi  Ngessan is being challenged within his own party by those who have been called ” slingshot “, those who  accuse him of participating in the elections they consider pre-arranged, because they trust in Laurent Gbagbo, currently imprisoned .


Mr. Afi Ngessan , legitimate president of FPI, denies the accusations and considers that the REIT, in the forthcoming presidential elections, should present a free man able to force the release of Laurent Gbagbo andso, they could obtain from the international authorities the recognition of  free and independent Ivory Coast.


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