Italy celebrates the 69th anniversary of the founding of the Republic #Italy #Republic #Holidays #National #June


On June 2, Italy celebrates the party of the Republic «Festa della Repubblica».

It is the national holiday of the country that commemorates the 1946 constitutional referendum, when Italian citizens were called to decide by universal suffrage what form of government (monarchy or republic) they wanted for their country after World War II and the fall of Fascism.

Since then, Italy is a Republic governed by a constitution approved in 1948. It is a party celebrated at the national level, and therefore it takes place in every corner of this beautiful country.

Moreover, it is celebrated almost everywhere in the world because wherever there is an Italian embassy, this civil party is celebrated with receptions and other institutional events that are commemorated.

Apart from this, in Rome one can fully celebrate this festival. Every year, a military parade is held as many other activities, such as visits to the headquarters of the Italian government or the placement of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Republic Day.

Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

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