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Erdogan congratulates new president of Turkish Cyprus #turkey #cyprus #politics


Turkish President Erdogan sent a congratulatory message to Mustafa Akici, the winner of the Turkish Cyprus presidential election, prompting renewed optimism for reunification of the island. In his message, Erdogan indirectly urged the leftist former mayor that “it was not possible to run after a solution to the Cyprus question at any price.”

Erdogan underlined Akinci’s presidency corresponds to a critical period regarding  to the Cyprus problem, referring to reunification talks, which are about to resume soon.

“A fair and lasting solution will remain our priority in the process of negotiations, which are expected to resume after a while in the framework of the U.N. Secretary General’s food offices mission. However, it is not possible to adopt an approach of running after a solution to the Cyprus question at any price”, Erdogan said.

It is obvious that Turkey want to stay master of the north-Cyprus republic and is doing all what is in its power to undermine turkish reunification talks.

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