Rwanda and Burundi, two countries linked together and linked with Belgium by history.


The Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has sent a message of congratulations to his counterpart of the Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, on the occasion of the national holiday of his country, assuring him his determination to work for the consolidation of relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

“At the time or the Republic of Burundi celebrates its national day, I am pleased to address to you, on behalf of the people and the Algerian government as well as my staff, our sincere and warm congratulations, as well as my best wishes for health and happiness for you themselves, of progress and  prosperity for the people of Burundi”, President Bouteflika said in his message.

“He told meit   is pleasant, in this happy opportunity to hail the efforts pursued by the brotherly people of Burundi in order to consolidate its peace process and of economic and social development”, stressed the head of State.


President Boutefika also send a message to Paul Kagame for the national holiday of Republic of Rwanda. His statement is also positive and peaceful:

“At the time or the Republic of Rwanda celebratsits national holiday, it is a particular pleasure for me to address to you, on behalf of the people and the Algerian government as well as on my own personal behalf, our warm felicitations which I join my fraternal best wishes of health and happiness for you-even, progress and prosperity for the people of Rwanda brother.”

Ruanda and Urundi were, from immediately after the Ist world war to 1962 two states set under belgian protectorate by the United Nations. The links between these countries and Belgium remain very strong.

Rwanda had to cope in 1994 with a huge tragedy and internal crisis which  strongly affected the future of Rwanda. Rwanda has in betweed become a wondeful economical success in Africa.

We remember the interviews of both ambassadors made last year by our diplomatic affairs daily newspaper:



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