Budapest by bus, plane and sailing on the Danube

Budapest UNDERGUIDE organizes for tourists who are considered as a“friend” for a special tour and explore the capital by a traditional 60’s bus, by plane and by boat wherea glass of champagne i served on board. A combination with the Budapest past and the present

oldbusOn board of a traditional 60’s bus, tourists will be enchanted to live a moment as passengers lived in the past to discover streets, fabulous business avenues, statues.

planeBy plane, they’ll fly over the capital and over the separation of Buda and Pest by the Danube river So, the tourist can contemplate the local economic and agricultural zones.



On the boat, hostesses will  offer you a a complimentary glass of Hungarian sparkling wine during the crossing. An audio service and of translation will allow to discover the past of the Danube river and the history of Budapest.














Hafida Benyacoub

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