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The Togolese Republic will celebrate the independance day on the 27th april.


Togo is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. It’s one of the smallest countries in the whole  African continent.

Togo has about 6.000.000 inhabitants and is one of the smallest countries of Africa (56000 km2).

Togo has as official language french and both national languages are éwé and kabiyé. Animism (a large majority of the population), catholicism and Islma are followed by the inhabitants of Togo

The country was once a protectorate of Germany until the fall of the Germans against the French and British military forces at the end of WW1. Under the mandate of France, Togo became “Trusteeship Territories” until its full independance on April 27, 1960. Since then this day is a work-free day.

Togolese people celebrate Independance Day with march parade and speeches from the president.

view of Lomé, the capital

view of Lomé, the capital

This day is also the occasion of remembering all the history of the country. There has been a lot of riots and revolts in order to proclame the independance. April 27th was then marked by a pacific agreement with the French autorithies , under the United Nations Organisation’s control.

So this is the moment where every Togolese people wants to remember and celebrate. This is also an opportunity to think about the future and how the country wants to move forward. A lot of Togolese countrymen  use this day also to reflect about the current conditions of the country and how it is compared with Africa and the rest of the word.

The capital of Togo Lomé (about 1000000 inhabitants on the Gulf of Guinea) is well known because important summits of the organisation of the francophony took place there.

The current President of Togo is Faure GNASSINGBE and the current Ambassador to Belgium and Head of Mission to the EU is H.E. Felix-Kodjo SAGBO.

H.E. Faure GNASSINGBE, president of Togo

H.E. Faure GNASSINGBE, president of Togo

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