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EXPO 2015 – Following the bees at the UK Pavilion #uk #nature #milano2015

The UK’s participation theme for Milan Expo 2015 is ‘Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland’, led by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) with support from seven HM Government departments. The stand-out UK Pavilion is inspired by the crucial role played by pollination in providing the food that we eat. It offers visitors a unique experiential … Continue reading

EXPO 2015: THE IRANIAN PAVILION #iran #expo #2015

The Iranian people cultivate the belief that the essence of the world is based on wisdom, for this approach to its contribution to the theme “Feeding the Planet” it applys that wisdom to find reasoned solutions to this global challenge. A more profound belief of the Iranian people is that humanity is “invited to the … Continue reading

Re-establishment of President Kafando of Burkina Faso in his functions

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo welcome the re-establishment of President Kafando in his functions, on the 23rd of November, and the announced return to the transition process in Burkina Faso. The Ministers welcome the commitment of the countries … Continue reading

EXPO 2015: The Chinese pavilion  #expo #2015 #china #giftofnature

China’s theme captures an attitude of thankfulness, respect and cooperation that characterizes its people: the land has fed man from its beginnings and hope suggests the prospect of a future where food can offer life to everyone. Agriculture, food, environment, sustainable development are the focal points of China’s participation in Expo Milano 2015. Its aim is to recall the tenet of Chinese philosophy that … Continue reading

EXPO 2015 – A journey at the UAE pavillion #expo #2015 #UAE #milano

We visited the UAE pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015. The Pavilion is a sensory, fun, emotional, challenging and educational journey. The entrance is a 12-metre-high walls form inspired by incredibly beautiful curvilinear sand dunes and echoing the narrow self-shaded streets of ancient settlements in the region. Moreover the walls enclose a winding ramp that leads you … Continue reading

“Fuoridilingua” exposition: italo-brazilian art #brazil #italy #language #expo

Launch of the international exhibition “FUORIDILINGUA” – “ESTIRANDOLINGUA” in Milan. From 12 to 20 September at the Italian Village Makers in via Tortona, 60 works detailed are exposed, witty, irreverent and surreal created by Brazilian and Italian master, inspired by “language” of the Rolling Stones, recognized symbol of music, but also transgression of closeness between … Continue reading


The Israel pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 welcomes visitors into an immersive visual experience that unveils some of the ultimate innovative technologies, showcases sustainable projects and narrates the lives of Israeli people. In the entrance room actors and performers interact with the public whilst videos are projected along the walls. The first part of the … Continue reading

Expo 2015 – Le Pavillon de la France accueille son « Millionième visiteur » #expo #2015 #france

Le Pavillon de la France à l’Exposition Universelle de Milan, le dernier 21 Aout, vient de passer la barre du million de visiteurs ! Une occasion pour le Commissaire général, Alain Berger, de faire un point d’étape à plus de la moitié d’Expo. “Le millionième visiteur sur le Pavillon de la France à l’Exposition traduit le succès … Continue reading

Expo Milano 2015 – The Belgian pavilion

An innovative urban concept promoting biodiversity, in the heart of the city. A dynamic, fun, interactive space; an innovative window on Belgian technology. The Belgian pavilion is inspired by and expresses the theme of the Expo Milano: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” As you will see, the architecture, set design, and exterior and interior … Continue reading

Let’s discover “Cantina Scoffone” in Milano. #milano #italy #food

A few steps from the Navigli of Milan, the historic wine cellar of the ’20s, Scoffone welcomed us with quality wine, hospitality and cuisine. The Cantina Scoffone, reserve a portion of the space to the sale of wine in bulk, contained in carboys very choreographic and coming from small national choose carefully.In the same spirit … Continue reading

Ukraine’s Economic Troubles Could Trigger Migrant Apocalypse in Europe. #ukraine #europe #immigration

Forget Syria, Europe’s next massive wave of refugees could come from Ukraine. Ukraine is plagued by a collapsing economy and torn apart by a months-long civil war that has left some 2 million people displaced. These are the ingredients of what could turn into a demographic and humanitarian disaster: like other countries facing similar challenges, Ukraine could see a massive … Continue reading

6 political prisoners set free in Belarus. #belarus #reynders #freedom #justice

Didier Reynders welcomes release of six political prisoners in Belarus Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders welcomes the release of six political prisoners, including former presidential candidate Mykalai Statkevich, in Belarus. He hopes that this promising evolution will continue and will lead to a substantial improvement in the relations between the … Continue reading

NTU (Singapore) and Fellini Foundation for Film (Switzerland) announce a cooperation agreement #switzerland #fellini

Tuesday 18 August 2015, NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) and the Swiss-based Fellini Foundation for Film have signed a cooperation agreement to implement a series of cultural activities and exchanges between the two institutions. The event took place at the ADM Library on Tuesday 18 August, with other project partners that include … Continue reading

EXPO 2015, the pavilion of the Holy See: “Not only bread”

The Holy See is present in Expo2015, officially as exhibitor country with its own pavilion. “Not only bread” It is the theme that will be developed. A garden to be tended, a food to share a meal that educates, a bread that makes God present in the world are “chapters” in which organizes the exhibition … Continue reading

Visit of Villa Grimaldi Fassio in the Ligurian riviera

      Villa Grimaldi Fassio shows the Italian and foreign art collection donated to the city by the brothers G.B. and Luigi Frugone in 1935 and 1953. Portraits, genre paintings, landscapes and sculptures that can be dated from 1860 to 1930, collected according to upper-middle class taste at the start of the 1900. Works … Continue reading

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