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H.E. Mr Vladimir Norov, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium.

H.E. Mr Vladimir Norov, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium.

This Central Asian country has one of the world’s fastest growing economy, and looks brightly towards tomorrow with last year a robust growth of approximately 7.8%.

The priorities of the economic program for 2016 focuses mainly on the future developments of three sectors: the services, the agriculture and the industry. And of course the welfare of its citizens. The country will celebrate in 2016 its 25 years of Independence.

According to the World Economic Forum: the inflation in Uzbekistan is under control and will create jobs for its future growth. Following to the World Bank: improvements are being made to start new businesses, get credits more easily and on the way of transparency. And the International Monetary Fund quote that the country is making strong public investments for its developments and its attractiveness abroad, and creates synergies between sectors. The main features of the current Uzbekistan are the political stability, a strong growth, diversification and self-independence thanks to its resources (oil, gas, cotton, chemicals,…). The country can also attract tourists, the Older Uzbekistan was indeed on the way of the Silk Road. With people always known as good merchants and cities such as Samarkand, Bukkara or Tashkent.

Uzbekistan is very active on the international scene, particularly with the EU and the ILO, with continuous and recent meetings. The main goals are on one hand inside of the country: education, innovation and technology. And on the other hand to maintain all the efforts that are already being made to continue to develop itself and increase the GDP.  To double it by 2030. Pilot projects are brought to a successful conclusion, the attractiveness of the foreign investors is reinforced with administrative simplifications (e-registrations, e-governance), and social policies are committed to increase the living standards of its citizens.

But there is also a lot to discover in Uzbekistan on the cultural issue. Which is of course the theatre of among others various folk and culinary traditions, architecture and museums to visit. A journey along the Silk Road stands out, or the discovering of the natural wonders of Uzbekistan. The discovery of unique craftsmen and of their popular arts, or either to stroll in the oriental bazars. So let’s then discover a country well of the 21st century, but with more than a thousand-year-old traditions…

Olivier Bulto

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