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Brussels Diploatic (BD) is a digital interactive multimedia platform, published in a ‘real-time’ mode, with a focus on European Union international relations, namely European Union External Action Service. Deriving from an electronic newspaper, the editorial broadened its scope, offering an ensemble of various information pieces in video, including the originals of the EU players and analysis of our commentators. In pursuit of an objective vision of political landscape, the editorial is following balanced coverage of news, without attachment or inclination to any political entity.

Brussels Diplomatic  assembles a selection of news, analysis and opinion pieces concerning  EU external policies and activities, covering the EU institutions engaged in foreign affairs as the European Parliament, including relevant committees and delegations, the European Council,  European Commission DG Development,  the EU relevant agencies and NATO’s headquarters.

Brussels Diplomatic responding to the interests of our readership, the editorial created a special edition: Brussels Economic entirely devoted to the subject.

Brussels Diplomatic enriches it’s palette of information pieces with culture, travel, wine and gastronomy, cultural agenda, especially in town of Brussels, known as de facto capital of the European Union.

Brussels Diplomatic enjoys high profile readership as diplomats, experts, politicians, academia, researches, NGOs, business stakeholders and global audience with a keen eye on international realations in more than 170 countries and territories.

Brussels Diplomatic provides a multinational and multicultural communication platform aiming at rapprochement of positions of international professionals encouraging dialogue between people, countries, nations and civilizations.

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Henry Borzi


Newsdesk:  editor@brusselsdiplomatic.com

Advertising, sponsorship and advertorial: advertising@brusselsdiplomatic.com

TV, news agency: publisher@brusselsdiplomatic.com




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