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MEP Eck on sunflower adulteration scandal in Ukraine

Eck calls for verification of the published in Ukrainian media reports, and allegations, and launch a request at European Commission to investigate the issue.

Since March the allegations of sunflower adulteration increased, pointing at industrial scale of infusion of melted waste chicken fat into plant oil.

The director of the Kiev-based Institute of consumer’s expertise Yuri Chernobrivetz has emphasized the problem in multiple public conferences and reports, however the importers did not react upon his the alarming information so far. The alleged industrial fraud is based on infusion of 20% of melted chicken fat, or grilled chicken fat into sunflower oil profiting from the difference in price for two products:t 200 USD vs 900 USD per ton. The gain for the scheme mounts to millions of dollars, taking into consideration the only imports to the EU is around three million tons of sunflower oil per year, but also to Turkey, which is one of the big buyers, and the other food producers as Egypt and Israel, coming in form of tinned food to the EU.


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