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shu02Launching very soon on the Schuman roundabout of the Christmas celebrations and animations.

In the heart of Brussels, from 30 November to 14 December, the Schuman roundabout will be illuminated with a thousand lights for the second consecutive year on the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations. Brussels, capital of Europe, of exchanges and culture, rich in know-how, in innovations, in varied gastronomy will take advantage of it to restore its image of conviviality within the European quarter. A white canvas marquee will be set up in the center of the roundabout, at the foot of the three main European institutions, transformed into a fairy reception area.  To receive visitors curious to discover according to the days a market with the flavors of the winter, exhibition venue, some music, gastronomy, open doors of the building Europa (Consilium) or receptions among others. Everyone will come thus to stroll pleasantly there according to his curiosity or his envies.

The festive evening on this Wednesday will mark the start of two weeks of activities that will take place on the Schuman Roundabout. Whose you will find some examples  below:

30.11 – 6.30pm: inauguration evening of “Lights Up”.

1-4.12 – 11am > 8pm: market with the flavors of the winter.

5-6.12 – 10am > 8pm: a photo exhibition “The Brussels Region moves” organized by the Brussels Region and Brussels Mobility.

8.12 – 6pm > 9pm: a winter drink offered by KBC Brussels.

10.12 – 12pm > 4pm: a meal during which seafood, meat, pasta and chocolates will be put in honor.

10.12 – 10am > 6pm: open house of the new “Europa” building of the Council of the EU.

A festive program proposed thanks to the initiative of the ASBL Schuman Square and the collaboration of all the living forces of the neighborhood, volunteers of all nationalities or trades combined. And who will have put their skills in common to make you dream at the heart of Europe… Come and enjoy then the atmosphere of the end of the year or simply enjoy a convivial moment.
Olivier Bulto


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