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The psychological thriller of a mother facing her nightmares, or simply just…

opp02Farren Blackburn‘s latest full-length film with Naomi Watts and Oliver Platt describing Mary’s life as a child psychiatrist since the death of her husband. She lives alone with her son-in-law in a secluded New England cottage. At the approach of a violent snowstorm, Tom, one of her young patients is missing. Mary, suddenly subject to hallucinations and paranoia, is determined to find the young boy before he disappears forever. A story written by the English screenwriter Christina Hodson, who wanted to leave some little clues along the way so that when you do realize what is happening, you will be able to go back and you will feel satisfied. The movie is filled with mysteries around every corner. Uncovering those mysteries is part of the thrill of the film. “It is a good, fun ride, with some great scares. ” said the leading actress of the movie Naomi Watts.

In every good cinemas from 30.11.2016.


Olivier Bulto



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