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The Popes' Palace in Avignon.

The valley is promoting its appellations to stimulate its market shares.


The Rhône and its grape varieties…

The Rhône Valley Wine Marketing Board “InterRhône” wants to stimulate the sales of its wines in restaurants. When the customer order his menu in a gourmet or bistronomic restaurant and chose for a Côtes du Rhône wine, he received a second bottle. This year, 1.500 restaurants are participating to the operation, while in 2015: 1.000 restaurants participated and about 575.000 customers took advantage of the offer. Or also the operation “Aux Couleurs des Côtes du Rhône” runs until the end of November and targets more precisely wine merchants or wine bars.

A ballad through a vineyard along the Rhône.

The world of wine wine in the Rhône Valley is the largest supplier of employment and occupies directly or indirectly about 50.000 people, for 5300 wineries. Wines that are cultivated and vinified on 69.000 hectares that produce around 3 million hectoliters. Conventional or organic wines, which are produced on both sides of the river Rhône on 6 departments, with for main appellations “Côtes du Rhône” or “Rhône Valley”. A beautiful and tasty region of France that lends itself perfectly to oenotourism and reminds one of a blue sky, a bright sun, the smells of thyms or lavender and the songs of the cicadas… A region that offers a thousand possibilities of evasion.
Wines that would gain to be discovered abroad, indeed the majority of their consumption takes place in France.
Text & Pictures: Olivier Bulto


The Popes’ Palace in Avignon.


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