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The 16th edition will run from 25th November to January 1st, with a Christmas tree from Slovakia and Japan as country guest of honour.

What a magnificent idea to rediscover Brussels with its winter coat and to stroll along the 240 wooden chalets in the city center. Popular holiday festivities to bring back Brussels’ international reputation as a place where live events promote conviviality. Where the lights of the city and the enchantments of Christmas will try to attract around 1.500.000 visitors on 1.5 kilometer. A winter ballad to the Grand Place, or from around the Bourse to the Monnaie and from the Place Sainte-Catherine to the Marche aux Poissons. A Christmas market with fairground attractions, a ice skating rink, a sound and light show, a market of Brussels artists, the Origami Lights show and the mapping show on the the Sainte-Catherine church to highlight the 150 years of diplomatic relations with Japan, and various concerts and activities. The City of Brussels through these Winter Wonders takes advantage of it to promote charitable and social works, a harvest of toys will be organized thus to the benefit of disadvantaged children.


But most of all the opening show “Gueules d’Ours” on November 25th will be not to be missed with dreams, enchantments and luminous bears on the Grand Place. The showcase “Lost frequencies” by the Dj Felix De Laet on November 30th, and of course the Christmas parade on Sunday December 11th. During which approximately hundred artists will make thrill the heart of the Capital. A warmly Christmas market with winter pleasures for young and old, whose wonders can be discovered by strolling around or planning a visit on:

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