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The second edition of the festival will be running until the end of December 2016.

The China Arts Festival in the European Union will be held for three months till the end of December in various places of the European capital. And will illustrate the wealth of the relations between Europe and China. Various artistic exposures, film festivals, cultural meetings and artistic performances to promote the culture and Chinese arts in Europe in various symbolic cultural places of Brussels. A festival which will become international in the future, with its opening to other European cities.


A touring exhibition of Chinese paintings has been just opened until November 14th at the European Commission, and will showcase artworks by 39 great artists of the China National Academy of Painting’s Collection of Fine Arts. The exhibition will lend you a glimpse into the world of Chinese arts, featuring finest Chinese artworks of its kind. A way to rediscover Oriental aesthetims, as in the 17th century works imported from China became then popular in Europe. Enthusiasts are telling stories of beautiful encounters between eastern and western culture, and its fusion between the classic traditions and the modern beauties. Art to pave the way then to encourage communications, exchanges and interactions between people from both civilizations.


Mr Zhang Jianzhou, Vice-President of the China National Academy of Painting and Mr Istvan Ujhelyi, President of the Europe-China One Belt One Road Culture and Tourism Development Committee were both expressing their congratulations to the succes of the exhibition at its opening.


“FANtastic! The Art of Chinese Fans”, an exhibition and the program of the festival is to follow on:

Olivier Bulto



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