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Both countries maintain diplomatic relations since 45 years.

This anniversary was lately celebrated on October 25th, and the future looks to be bright to both partners.


Mutual official visits of top representatives of both countries are numerous lately, and will be even so to the near future. As well as the numerous trade exchanges, Belgium is indeed the sixth largest trade partner of China within the European Union and China is Belgium’s second largest trade partner outside the EU. China has just open the ” China Belgium Technology Center ” to Louvain-la-Neuve. A ” win-win ” operation for this center which is a collaboration between provinces and universities, which will offer to China the possibility of accessing to Belgian high tecnologies and to Belgium to be able to reach a market of 1.3 billion consumers. The best friendship’s ambassadors with China actually  are the pandas, loaned for example at present among others to the wildlife park of “Pairi Daiza”. Like in 16 others animal parks worldwide.  They are in the meantime analyzed by the University of Liege, all these studies done by worlwide universities will contribute to the enrayement of the extinction of the race. But the agreement that most mattering in a near future, will concern the ” Belt and Road ” initiative or the silk road of the 21th century. With its implications at various levels like geopolitics, future trade agreements or still relations between peoples. Whether it concerns tourist, educational or cultural exchanges.

Olivier Bulto 


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