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Wines of Provence become creators of elegance.

prov02The vineyard in Provence is cultivated since Antiquity, and nowadays by approximately 580 domains spred over some 27.000 hectares to produce about 1.000.000 hectoliters. These wine growers are distributed into 9 appelations, among which 3 major ones which represent 95 % of the production: Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix and Coteaux Varois. The main grape varieties are Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan or Tibourin. The assemblages are the result of minimum two grape varieties chosen as their adaptation to the soils. 80% of world production of pinkish wines are elaborated in Italy, Spain, the USA and France, for a global French consumption of rose wines to 36%. This consumption has risen almost of 20% over the past 15 years thanks mainly to the new consumption countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden and England. And the Belgian demand continues also to increase just like the French consumption.

20161016_112249Wines of Provence are not only wines which remind holidays souvenirs or which drink themselves around a barbecue on a beautiful summer day. These are wines which has acquired their letter of nobility too and they can be drink in any occasions and especially all year round. The agreements dishes wines are thus to be revisited, a diversity of wines which will change the lifestyles. Wines which are characterized by the color chart of its colors and the wealth of its aromatic pallet. The differences of colors of pinkish wines is obtained in the course of wine making, during the pelliculaire maceration and during the direct pressing. Wines which then benefit from an optimal period of sunshine on a specific terroir, but are also the result from the knowledge and the craftsmanship of their wine growers.

The control of the temperatures during the elaboration of Provence wines is a main advantage in their success, that is why the night-grape harvests are commonplace in Provence. As well as avoiding the oxidation of the grape in the course of the wine making to protect all the aromas of the future nectar. The Mistral contributes also to the good development of grapes in Provence by drying up vineyards and by preventing the proliferation of insects. In brief dry, appealing, light-colored, aromatic, versatile, fruity, elegant, affordable wines of Provence which call for a change of habits towards a qualitative revolution.

Olivier Bulto

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