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Master Classes and Workshops to discover the best of French wines in the company of producers and wine professionals, November 25th and 26th, 2016. 

tast02Tastings in privileged conditions and under the direction of experts in the discovery of the biggest terroirs mainly from France. Wines selected by Michel Bettane, Thierry Desseauve and their jury to the festival of the Grand Tasting. It is thanks to this unique system that the most mythical wines are alongside to the productions of young talented, but unknown wine growers. For this 11th edition and beyond the simple tasting, a very complete program of Master-Class is proposed in the most demanding, the right way to meet the wine growers, the head wine waiters, the cellar masters. Gourmets studios put also back the wine to its place: at table. The objective of the group and its festival is to guide the amateurs in their discoveries of the world of wine through editorial, factual or prescriptive activities. In brief the appointment to discover the last agreements dish wines decorated with tastings of exception in the presence of approximately 370 wine growers and more than 1200 wines. The discoveries made during the fair can be continued through the annual guide of “Bettane + Desseauve” published in French, English and Chinese. An application “Grand Tasting” is equally available on Apple store or Google Play.

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