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An overview of the best products on the Belgian market…

dec03Last week was presented the 17th edition of the “Decavi” in precense of the Minister of Pension Didier Bacquelaine. Trophies that through an in-depth analysis of the best life insurance products, by a jury of experts, aims to contribute to better transparency of the Belgian market. The jury analyzes and verifies by category and by quality the various contracts through many criteria like their profitability, their innovation and their respective characteristics. An awards ceremony to select the best actors in the Belgian market, in view of the different supports obtained whether by Feprabel or others. The jury consisted this year in university professor, independent experts and different presidents or managers among others.

Here are the categories and various laureates:

Pension: individuals.

FEDERALE Assurance (Vita Invest.2).

FEDERALE Assurance (Vita Pension).

Generali Low & Medium Risk : Real Estate Securities.

ERGO Life (Optimix).

Pension: independent.

AG Insurance (P.L.C.I.).
FEDERALE Assurance (F-Manager VIP).


BNP Paribas Cardif (Hypo Protect Classic).

AFI ESCA (Protectim).

Guaranteed income.

DKV (Plan RG Continuity + Exo).

Innovation (services, claims management, products,…)

Ethias (Autonomia).

Digital Trophy.

Allianz Benelux (ProLink Life Plan).


AG Insurance.

Olivier Bulto



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