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The 18th edition of the biggest wine fair in the Benelux will host Lebanon as the country guest of honour to Brussels, from 21st to 24th of October, 2016.


mega01Professionals and enthusiasts will be spoiled with culinary demonstrations and wine tastings that will allow them to discover wines from 35 countries by approximately 380 exhibitors in four days. Lebanon, a Mediterranean country to which wine culture is not so much widespread but in the old tradition will be the country guest of honor this year. Wines made with local grapes and more internationally known, the curious will be able to discover new flavors. The main areas of wine production in Lebanon are located in the Bekaa Valley on approximately 2000ha. Wine enthusiasts will discover 40 producers in Brussels, a country with low production but a qualitative one. Indeed one may refer to certain producers who experiment the introduction of new and old varieties forgotten like Miguel Torres. Soils that enjoy a sunny and perfect humidity thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean sea.

The three main exhibitors area will be from the three largest producer of wine: Spain, Italy and France. All the wine-making regions of France will be present to let you taste  their nectars by free commented tastings in French or Dutch, delivered by an expert and the winegrower concerned. The Loire region will participate for the first time and will hold an original “open bar” with hundred of bottles to discover. But above all, technologies oblige, to scan them for everything to know about the wine: its producer, its price and where to find it. Italy and its regions will be better represented this year with about 50 major producers and more regions of the country will be present for the first time. And also a vast variety of wines from Switzerland.


A world of wine to discover in a fair dedicated to the life of winemakers, their concerns and passions. Wine competitions, workshops, wine accessories, lectures, cooking demonstrations, master classes to live and discover… Or also the presence of Belgian winegrowers whose vineyards are located in Belgium or worldwide. Megavino it is not only the world of wine, it is also cocktails, aperitifs, liqueurs, spirits and all the new products to discover. Do surely not forget to check the program before your visit:

A very pleasant tour of the world of wines in the capital of Europe as well for all professionals of wine or simply for the amateurs of nice discoveries…


Olivier Bulto


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