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Brussels a green capital, an initiative to an exposition thanks to Brussels Environnement and Bozar from September 23rd to Novembre 6th, 2016 to Bozar.
bie02An exhibition in the heart of this first edition of the biennial in starting point for the rediscovering by the largest audience possible of the architectural landscape heritage of Brussels and its evolution. And improving the quality of life in a big city, it is designed by landscape architect Bas Smets. To better understand the historical continuity of the landscape since its invention through five artistic media: cartography, painting, photography, cinema and architecture. The European capital which struggles to save and preserve its green spaces, about 250 hectares, to optimize living together. Studies and expert consultations are actually constantly undertaken to refurbish or restore public parks. The first edition of this biennial is an opportunity for a majority to discover the unknown green landscapes of Brussels. Not only visit an urban landscaped heritage but also to be aware of the development of the city through the generations and also be conscious of its maintenance in time. In this context will be inaugurated  next Saturday, on September 24th the Senne Park, a green space of one hectare to the welfare of the residents of the neighborhood Heliport/Masui.

Olivier Bulto

The detail of the numerous conferences and the program is to be followed on:





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