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A joint transport ticket for all public transports in Slovenia since September 1st.

slo01This ticket of multilateral transport will unify the various means of public transportation and will integrate as well the urban or interurban trains and buses. This new system lived a test period of fifteen months before being operational since September 1st, 2016.  In practice this unique ticket will make public transport easier for everyday users (such as pupils, students or commuters), but will also facilitate the accessibility and the attractiveness for tourists and visitors. An information portal provides information to the users who can more easily plan their journeys, and on-line forms are available for consultation on this site. A greater sustainable mobility thus and a bigger ease for all,  a solution that will help to optimize energy use and a better management of pollution and congestion. A development that will contribute to live in a healthier environment. The European Commissioner responsible for mobility and transport, Violeta Bulc, wish that this multimodal approach to be extended to all the 28 Member States. It would indeed render public transport more easier, more enjoyable, more accessible and more attractive to every single travellers.

 Olivier Bulto



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