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The Coasts of Bordeaux are a beautiful introduction to go off to explore the diversity and the complexity of the Bordeaux wines.

cote01These wines are raised around the 45th parallel north in Haute Gironde, which constitute about 10% of cultivated wines in all the Bordeaux regions by about 900 wine growers, which produce about 500 000 hectoliters to the majority of red wine. Simple wines with an exceptional value for money for which Belgium is one of the main market. Wines grouped under a label created in 2007 and divided into four geographical denomination of about 12.500 hectares: Blaye, Castillon, Cadillac and Francs. The following grape varieties are grown mainly for red wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and Cabernet, Sauvignon Gris, Semillon and Muscadelle for the white ones. To produce young wines, fruity, flexible, round, structured and endowed with an aromatic wealth. Generous red wines in the melted tannins which get an immediate pleasure or also allow to wait for a few years to enjoy of their evolution. The red wines will be blend perfectly with dishes of red meat, tagines, spicy dishes, delicatessen and cheese, as well as in the chocolate. While the white wines will be finer, lighter and distinguished, they will accompany better dishes of seafoods, grilled fishes or white meat.

As in Bordeaux, wines from the “Coasts” are blended wines of different grape varieties grown for their complementarity. The rigor of the specifications of their winemaking step ensures elegant and delicious wines. Alerts wine growers who get the most quality of their terroirs and offer typical wines, rich and diverse. Like the new generation represented by Valerie and Victor, a charming couple and dedicated to their vineyard. Which currently operates the domain of the”Clos du Notaire” to Bourg and offers wines that sublimate their beautiful hillsides. Their vineyards are mainly located in mild hills, with a beautiful southern exposure. There are limestone quarries in the basement that bring freshness and constant humidity. The estuary also helps to regulate the climate and to limit climate incidents. The weed is used to control the force of some plots, and above all it is a natural way to protect against erosion. In the early 20th century, a notary called Jonzac, inherits a vineyard in Bourg. He takes the game and quickly the property was known as “Cru du Notaire” and nowadays as “Château Clos du Notaire”. It was then passed on from owners to owners by passionates of wines.


If you are lost in this beautiful countryside, do not hesitate to stop there. The region abound of architectural and historical sites of exception, spread over various sunny hillsides. As small ports, charming villages and wine chateaux that will appeal equally to lovers of resting, either of old stones or walks in the vineyards.  In brief wines while being modern benefit from a history, a wine of friendly pleasure which calls on to the know-how of the wine grower, an elegant and round wine to be discovered in any opportunities. And also a website to be consulted to discover all the activities in detail. Quoting Stephane Heraud, President of the “Cotes de Bordeaux” wines: “the Heart & Soul of Bordeaux, wines to be discovered absolutely !”

Olivier Bulto





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