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Where contemporary art leave to meet its audience.

The best emerging and top contemporary artists or designers from Europe and beyond, change this year of location, will expose this year in the “Belgium Jewish Museum”, from 22nd till 25th of September.  It will surely be the opportunity for everybody to exchange views and discuss  with the current artists, because art is also culture for everybody. A fair for a  discerned public, representing major artists having their influences in their own artistic movement. The Accessible Art Fair occur in an unique atmosphere, and will be the opportunity for the artists to meet their audience in a museum setting. This year will be innovative and affordable for this tenth edition. A close encounter between designers and creators who will showcase their works to their future clients.

aaf2016-3This year, about seventy-five artists will reveal their creations to the visitors. Some artists will expose for the first time at Accessible Art Fair, and others were already present in previous editions. It will be the occasion to see the evolution in their creative work. And they always come back for the conviviality of the fair. The fair will be, hopefully, a springboard for young artists, designers, photographers, painters, sculptors, all of them passionate by their creative art, are awaiting to let you discover their works.  Come and share the amazement of art in its excellence. For this anniversary edition, the bridges of culture will indeed be connected with the presence of talented students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

When arts meets passion…

Olivier Bulto

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