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The music will invest unusual places of Brussels for a musical journey next Saturday, on September 10th, 2016 from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.


A joint initiative of three musical institutions (Bozar, La Monnaie and the ONB), the musicians will come out of their walls for a musical and friendly ballad to rediscover Brussels. This day will also marks the opening of the musical season, a discovery of the City with originals and unexpected encounters. A range of impromptu concerts scattered amongst three Brussels neighborhoods. Musical groups ranging from duet to quintet, from the Brussels Stock Exchange to the Amigo hotel, from an apartment in the “Galerie de la Reine” to a tavern, from a cultural center to a library… or to the baths of Brussels, to end in the “Halles Saint-Gery”.

A project witness of the cultural diversity as well as an ambitious realization that will build links between people thanks to the energy and the positive vibrations transmitted by music. The musicians have concocted an original program, the residents will be happy to open their doors, it remains just for you to explore this first musical journey.

Olivier Bulto

Trois directeurs © BozarYves Gervais

Hans Waege-ONB, Peter De Caluwe-La Monnaie, Paul Dujardin-Bozar: the three directors of the three federal cultural institutions.


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