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eat Brussels, drink Bordeaux.

Some tips for a successful visit to the festival from 08 till 11 September in the Park of Brussels.

eat03The fifth edition of the festival will feature the food and wine pairing for the delight taste of all. It will be the meeting of about fifteen Brussels master cooks with about fifty Bordeaux winemakers. Enthusiasts will have the possibility to explore the various terroirs and appellations of Bordeaux thanks to the winemakers who will share their passion and expertise. The “Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux” will be present to refine your knowledge and help you to become a true expert faster than you think. Master classes will also be organized to rediscover the “Grands Crus”. And finally the amateurs of evening of exceptions will have the opportunity to register to the Gala Dinner on Friday 9th around the “Grand Crus Classes”, which will combine the tradition of Brussels with the sophistication of Bordeaux.

September is traditionally the month of wine, with the Wine fairs or the harvesting in the properties. And with the presence of fifty wineries and wine producers during the festival “eatBrussels, drinkBordeaux” in the “Parc de Bruxelles”. Bordeaux wines comes in red, white, pink and sparkling wines for wines having each its specificity and always associate with convivial moments. Do not hesitate to explore the various Bordeaux wine regions. Let’s meet diversity, quality and creativity

Olivier Bulto



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