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Available free of charge on the Grand Place and at the Atomium of Brussels from 8 till 28 August 2016.


These days the reflex for everybody is to take “selfies” from all kinds of places. There are ways for this during this summer to take his own panoramic “selfie” from the most beautiful place of the world, in Brussels. The City of Brussels allows then tourists and residents to share their souvenirs to become “ambassadors”. They will thus change the image of Brussels and will maybe launch a new trend. No more framing problem of the photo, hostesses will be present from 10 am to 6pm until August 28 for free and for a successful panoramic selfie. A process developed by the Brussels start-up “” which assembles four shots to form a mini-video, the device is also deployed at the Atomium. And if the experiment become a success, panoramic selfie devices will be soon installed on 4 or 5 symbolic sites of Brussels. The decision will be taken in consultation with “Visit.Brussels” to also make discover unusual places of the capital to tourists. According to a co-founder of the start-up: ” we help event organizers and tourist attraction owners to turn their visitors into ambassadors and maximize their impact on social platforms.” The person taking the panoramic selfie is captivated by its own staging and becomes the actor of it. The Grand Place of Brussels is an iconic place of the city and of course a UNESCO World Heritage site. These panoramic selfie brings together the two dimensions: a fantastic personal photo souvenir and a wonderful panorama. It remains only to discover the city under an original angle and share it on the various social medias…

demo clip:


Olivier Bulto



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