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The evolution of the taste and the preferences of the consumers of beers nowadays.

The beer lovers prefer the quality and characteristics of special beers, while consumption of “pils” regress continuously since ten years. According to a survey, consumers would look for a more informed consumption and more of quality. For example by being able to make associations dishes/beers tasty and delicious. The education of the beer drinker of today and tomorrow can then be achieved by a more accurate transmission of information about its production or its several ingredients. A combination of different elements that will help to form the taste of the amateur of special beers. The current trend of microbreweries is positive, by being able to identify itself and consume a distinctive beer brewed in its region.

zyt01In this segment of craftsmanship and innovation can also lead to unique brews. By developing a higher quality branding, a specific selecting of the hops, multiple fermentation process or new types of brewing will result to gourmet and refined beers. Like all quality products, specialty beers have also their health benefits. With among other positive actions on the renal system, facilitates intestinal transit, has an influence on cholesterol, reduces the risk of cardiovascular accident, provides vitamins B, has calming effects, has anti-inflammatory properties and the silicon contained therein acts on the skin and bones. Always of course within the framework of a moderate consumption.

As said it so well Mr Barack Obama, during his last visit to Brussels: “it is easy to love a country famous for its chocolates and its beers”.

Olivier Bulto



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