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THE FLOWER CARPET 2016 “Made in Japan”

The flower carpet which is created every two years, will be this year ” Made in Japan ” from 12 till 15 August 2016.

flo2016This artistic reference admired from the four corners of the world should be seen by about ten thousands of spectators on the most beautiful place of the world: the Grand Place of Brussels. Which is registered on the world heritage list of Unesco since the year 2000. The flower carpet extend on about 1800sq/m and is composed of more than 600.000 begonias, and can also be seen from the balcony of the City hall. Its drawing on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, will celebrate the 150 years of diplomatic relations and friendship between Belgium and Japan. The weekend of August 15th will thus be the pretext to stroll on the Grand Place, a Gothic architecture treasure, to inhale the begonias, to admire the details of the carpet. This extraordinary show will complement itself by a visit on the balcony of the City hall, which offers a wide angle vision on this ephemeral work of art. A musical theme is specially composed for every edition. The concert will be given to the Grand Place every evening and will accompain a magnificent sound and light show.

20140814_141030Every two years, a committee of professionals meets to imagine the future project. Once the project is designed as a model and symbols, the number of flowers is calculated and the color combinations are established. A few days before the inauguration, a life-size drawing is filed on the cobblestones of the Grand Place. Work can begin, with over 100 volunteer gardeners who assemble this giant floral puzzle in less than four hours. This wonderful masterpiece despite its short live, following multiple care of, will keep its radiance throughout the weekend.

Prior to the twentieth edition of the Brussels Flower Carpet, a ballad is proposed in the prestigious setting of the “Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert”. From July 15th to August 15th, you can explore an exhibition retracing the history of these amazing ephemeral tapestries. 19 giant photographs of previous editions will be exhibited as well as the design of the 2016 Flower Carpet, for a month just for the pleasure of the eyes. Feel free to discover this Brussels floral tradition…

Olivier BULTO




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