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For 160 years this manufacturer of watch puts beforehand its pioneer spirit in his watch-making realizations.

The factory wish to instill in all its creations its ideas of esthetic innovations and technical complications, and looks always towards the future. She revisits among others for this anniversary the Skeleton by a special edition. And develop its timepieces thanks to its current know-how, whether it is by starting of recent or classic creations, while not forgetting its 160 of experiments. This Swiss house aspires to widen its presence to new markets, by addressing to a younger public. The choice of the colors, the marketing strategy and the quality of the products will be the major axes of its new policy. But Eterna in spite of the renewal of its image, will always remain faithful to its tradition to enrich the watch-making art and to see always further.

The factory situated in the Swiss Jura to Granges exactly, always meets new challenges, is livened up by the passion and conceives innovative, surprising and original solutions for the high watchmaking for 160 years. As for its special edition of the “Skeleton” model: which gives of the transparency to the reading of the time, with its sapphire glasses on each side which lets appear a mechanical movement in manual reassembly. A beautiful stylistic composition which combines history and technology. The sophisticated unpublished braided leather bracelet gives also to this timepiece a classic, sober and elegant look. Which demonstrates the care and the accuracy brought by the workshop to this creation for the anniversary year of the brand.

160 years of pioneering…

Olivier Bulto



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