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TheRepublika Hrvatska” soon commemorate the 25th anniversary of its declaration of sovereignty and independence, which was ratified on 25 June 1991.


Raguse, or the nowadays Dubrovnik.

This country of Southern Europe has for direct neighbor Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, and also a maritime border with Italy. Its capital is Zagreb and its main cities are Hvar, Split, Umag, Vukovar, Rijeka, Pula or still Dubrovnik. Croatian are more or less 4600000, are mainly Croatian (approximately 90 %), and mainly catholic (almost 88 %), the other people belongs to various minorities. They are also very sportsmanlike, with the presence of Croatian stars in several sports such as soccer, handball, basketball or still in tennis.

The Croatian Republic is a parliamentary democracy and multiparty regularly knows  alternation during its elections. His President is the Head of State and armies, who appoints a head of government with the agreement of the Parliament. Croatia is a member since 2009 of NATO, and became the 28th member state of the European Union on July 1st, 2013. But it has not fixed its date for the adoption to €uro yet, and always uses its national currency: the Kuna.

The country moved to a market economy mainly based on services, light industry and tourism. With a relatively rapid economic growth and a GDP that reaches an average of about 6%. It hosts in fact thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, its diverse cultural and leisure activities, about 12 million tourists per year. Croatia protects its diversity and its natural environment by eight national parks that represents almost 10% of its territory. Besides its nature, the tourist will discover its architectural beauties, cultural events or resorts. In brief holiday for everyone: cultural, sports, hiking or lazing… But everyone will be attracted by the gastronomic specialties and the wines from Croatia.

Let’s try, just go to there…

Olivier Bulto


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