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What will they be? The last edition of the fair “Seafood Expo Global” in Brussels offered us an overview.

20160427_110521Basically the quality of the product will always make the difference, and then its valuation will be dominent. Where from the importance of standardization and certification of products during their marketing. The most traded fish and sought by consumers, as well in shellfish farming, fish farming or the fishing remains the salmon, the cod, the tuna, the trout, the mussel, the oyster and the shrimp. All the the chain of the fishing industry, is indeed quite consequent, it concerns only in France approximately 35000 people. This fair in Brussels welcomes thousands of professionals of the products of the sea from around the whole world. This one represents thus for them a showcase of quality for the first contact with the various actors of the sector. Seafood Expo Global is the annual place of exchanges which gathers the buyers, the suppliers and the decision-makers of the sector. Which can then estimate the new tendencies as well as to discover the new products.

The wholesalers, the importers, the restaurant owners, the exporters, the retailers, the hypermarkets, the hotelkeepers compete in ingenuity to reveal there its innovations. Indeed each of them wants to distance itself from the competition. Whether it is at the level of the products of the sea, proposed services and equipment of preparation and conditioning. As this producer of Belgian caviar, who proposed his products on the market since 2001. Whose the fame of its products is not to be made anymore , its “black gold” is used in fact for recipes by most top chefs and appreciated by the fine gourmets. Or the French oyster producers who distinguish themselves by their specificities and the wealth of the gustative pallet of their production.

All the chain of the sector is so represented to it, with also the presence of stands by countries or institutions, such the European institutions. Or further more the example of the biggest company of e-commerce to the world by the number of transactions: Alibaba. Which takes advantage of the growing request of the middle class in China. With an import in Seafood increasing by 70 % for 2015, because of the customers who become sceptical on the quality of the products of the local retailers and their not certificated products. Thus Alibaba has developed mainly through his Internet portal Weibo a food distribution network in China. Then it becomes an issue of social responsability, to restore the consumer confidence through a better product certification. Also an improved legislation to protect the environment for a susutainable future and to protect the living environment. This explains the importance of innovation for the future of the seafood industry, for a better traceability of the products and a healthier life.

Olivier Bulto



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