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The crushes of the summer, 2016: the wines of Bordeaux reinvent the agreements dishes-wines.


Pleasures wines of Bordeaux team up marvelously with the new gastronomic trends of the moment. “Poke Bowl” which ally the contemporary gustative pleasures with fresh and aromatic wines. As for example Hawaiian specialities with a Bordeaux “Clairet”, or “Buddha bowl” with a Bordeaux “Entre-Deux-Mers”. Or why not with a classic red Bordeaux.  Hundred hand-picked wines by a professional jury which get married to the tastes of today by a uninhibited approach. The modernity and the innovation will be there with the delicacy, the curvature, the elegance and the freshness of these new “trendy” agreements.

After the United States, the wave of “Poke Bowl” is going to invade Europe this summer. She gives a good place to the appearance of new ingredients for a new fusion kitchen : spaghettis of vegetables, cooked or raw fishes and meats, cheeses, mangoes or grenades…  The whole accompanied with spices, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce, or seeds, aromatic herbs and condiments according to ingredients used to create the perfect agreement. This summer we are then going to rediscover the Bordeaux wines and to be able to quench us thanks to light, fresh, aromatic and fruity wines… Bordeaux does not limit itself to the classified naming or in vintage wines, it is also the rich gustative pallet which can adapt itselves to the seasons. And propose pleasure wines for the convivial moments of the summer.

20160530_120001The season will be indeed punctuated by the Bordeaux wines. If you pass trough the magnificent region of Bordeaux, the City of the Wine will have been inaugurated on June 1st. To discover the wine-producing wealth of grounds and countries of the world through the various times, civilizations and cultures. A contemporary and innovative architecture to learn in an entertaining, friendly and sensory way about the wine-producing universe. A place of culture thus sheltering the richest wine cellar of the world with wines from 80 countries, offering a panoramic view on the city and the banks of the Garonne. The next appointment  with the ” Ecole du vin de Bordeaux” will take place on next September during ” Eat Brussels, Drink Bordeaux “ in Brussels. With the animation of numerous workshops of initiation, to better understand wines of Bordeaux. And be able to associate words with flavors and tastings.

The freshness, the boldness, the inventiveness and the diversity of wines of Bordeaux will be of circumstance during the next barbecues or gatherings on terraces for the friendly moments of this summer. Some nuggets in the unbeatable value for money, let’s taste smarter ! 

Olivier Bulto 




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