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The various European representatives:  from politicians to experts and from the business community spoke with one voice during the last European Business Summit in Brussels.

ebs03One of the cement between the 28 country members of the European Union can indeed be culture. But the crucial issues of nowadays is on the economics issue that matters. With a long term perspective towards redefining competitiveness, flexibility, innovations, productivity and growth. The new challenge and the next long term vision needs to be found for all the stakeholders to create a sustainable growth, new jobs, a better education and research system. Who will inject the positive mood ? The “Junker plan” is maybe a part of the answer. But common decisions will surely be the rest of the answer.

National governments and European Instutions can pave the way with structural reforms, adapted regulations and stable foundations towards a brighter inclusion. Initiatives such as the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union can lead to more stability and potential growth of the European economy. Then entrepreneurs will be reassured and will find the way back to an innovative way for relevant investments. Reliable incentives can lead to a long term vision. As J.Sterling Livingstone said on expectancies to ensure the achievements of people: keep the illusions low, but espectations high. The tomorrow society will be a common construction, establishing  then a stable and clear business climate to redirect investors to long term investments focussed on the coming growth.

The next challenge will be about moving from 28 national markets to a Single European one. Through initiatives like the Digital Single Market, the Energy Union and the Capital Markets Union to foster jobs and growth. For example by implementing an interconnected and accessible online market to achieve the Digital Single Market.  With more than 70% of European citizens now connected and nearly 55% of the European population having a good range of digital skills. Good legislations and innovations can lead to a better access all over Europe by 4G, and unlock the digital potential of industries. Creativity can show then itself boundless.


The President of the European Commission: Jean-Claude Junker.

The present Eurozone’s recovery is slow and fragile, and needs increasing stability by making more long-term investments and confidence. The opportunities have to be created. The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has called for more and better Europe, which requires “European-level solutions”. According to Mr Schulz: the solution will be global, from European reforms to the voices of the citizens and the business community. A goal of the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, is also to restore the confidence of the European citizens in the European project. Juncker is also in favour of moving away from policy areas in which member states have more legitimacy to act. To focus on Europe’s competitiveness and stimulate investment for the purpose of job creation. In 2015, the European growth reached 1.7% in the euro area. Juncker is sticking to his plan by continuing to build on the virtuous triangle of investments, structural reforms and fiscal responsibilities. It is thus time to make strategic decisions, to be proactive or create opportunities to boost the potential economic outputs of tomorrow. And quoting the President of the European Commission: “Big ambitions require patience and determination”.

Olivier Bulto



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