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The Kingdom of Jordan will celebrate soon its 70th anniversary, their Sovereigns were from May 17th to 19th with a state visit to Belgium.


Amman, Jordan.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan begins with the end of the British mandate in this region of the Middle East. Jordan is the heiress of the Arabic and Bedouin cultures of the desert of Arabia, in the borders of the region of four rivers: the Tiger, the Jordan, the Euphrates and the Nile. With at present as nearby country: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel. It’s population is composed of about 70 % of Palestinian origin citizen, is 97 % of Muslim confession and 3 % of orthodox Christian. Who live mainly in the cities of the northwest of the country: Amman, Irbid and Az Zarqa. It also possesses 26 kilometers of coast, along the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea. Its climate can be dry, hot and desert with a rainy seasons.


The Khazneh, the most famous of the monuments of Petra.

This small country lives on natural resources such as the agriculture, the forestry, the fishing, and she is the third world exporter of phosphate and potassium. She has nevertheless to import 97 % of her energy resources. The country also lives with the tourism, thanks to the numerous archeological and historical sites. Which make her considered as one of the cradles of civilizations. Its most famous site is the one of “Petra” in the South of the country, built-in the end of the VIIIth century before JC, then occupied by the Nabatean. The site develops thanks to its strategic position on the road of caravans between Egypt, Syria, the South of the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean world. It becomes from then on the Mecca of trade and exchanges. And the city prospers mainly thanks to the incense, the spices and the other precious products. The city counted at its moment of glory up to 25000 inhabitants. The site of “Petra” is since 1985 classified on the UNESCO world heritage list, and the zone surrounding it became an archaeological national park.


King Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania al-Adbullah.

King Abdullah II since his arrival to the throne led several long-term economic reforms, to not only solve the most important problems. But also to attract the foreign investors, as well as to improve the living conditions of his people. So well in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, as well with the United States and the European Union. Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania al-Adbullah were recently with a state visit of three days in Belgium, at the invitation of the Belgian royal couple. The migratory crisis and the terrorism was on the agenda of course, the King of Jordan insisted during his speech, on the difference between the Muslim religion and the terrorism. And called on Belgium and the International Community to jointly tackle the phenomenon of terrorism. The short and medium-term challenge for this one is first on security and military issues. And then in the long term at the level of the ideas. Abdullah II raised the subject during a speech pronounced at the University of Leuven, during a session analyzing the transformations of the contemporary Islam in association with the University of Ghent. The King pronounced his speech, further to numerous researches led on the subject by the Cismoc. Belgium and Jordan maintain good relations. Within the framework of the extension of the fight against terrorism, the Belgian fighter-bombers will take over from Dutch aircrafts based in Jordan, on next July 1st.

Olivier Bulto

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