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Opening on June 4th of the longest railway tunnel of the world, tickets are already available in presale.

The Swiss Railways will thus open soon the new Gotthard tunnel, of 57 kilometers long between Switzerland and Italy, by an inauguration and festivities the weekend of June 4th and 5th, 2016. And an official putting into service on December 11th, 2016. It will be then the end of the construction site of 17 years, that will allow to cross the massif of the Alps in 20 minutes, at approximately 200 kph. And so will move closer the nearby regions and to peoples more easily, faster and comfortably at the heart of Europe.

This new railroad line through the Alps will have been partially financed by various funds, taxes on fuels and increase of the VAT. The tunnel will have required the clearing of more than 28 million tons of fragment, and is sometimes surmounted by approximately 2300 meters of rocks. An effective alternative to the road transport, as well for the passengers as for the transportation of goods. The crossing of the Tunnel will concern 260 goods trains a day, as well as 20 million potential passengers in the crossed regions.

got04While the last tests, the tries and finalizations are in progress, with the aim of the official inauguration. A director and approximately 600 artists repeat for the festive inauguration of next June 4th. Of both sides of the tunnel, as well in Switzerland and in Italy, by associating to it the myths and the legends of the mountain. As well as numerous animations, attractions, exhibitions and visits are planned. Indeed the phase of the works ending, the marketing of this one is in progress. The mobility in Switzerland is really simplified thanks to “Swiss Travel Pass”. A sesame which allows to travel freely in all Switzerland.

Olivier Bulto 




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