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Just walk on “Realty Avenue” at Tour&Taxis from May 24th till 26th to meet all the Belgian real estate professionals.

All the sector will be indeed attending the fair, which will be the meeting point to encounter from the notary to the lawyer, from the architect to the contractor, from the property developer to the real estate agent and even to city representatives. You will also have the opportunity to attend many seminars, among others about the future of the smart cities. It will surely be three days of creative networking to build synergies around real estate. Approximately 120 exhibitors on 3200 sq/m will wait for about 6500 visitors.


This 2016 edition will focus on the Belgian market and its specificities. By approaching the various segments of this one: office accommodation, industrial amenities, logistics, retailer, housing, shopping centers. Many projects will also be develop to the long term, with the estimates of the future demographic development expected, the request will surely grow. The effervescence of the Belgian market will also attract the foreign investors, approximately 300 of them will be present: from Europe, the United States, China…

real03What will be the smart cities of tomorrow ? Cities which will reinvent themselves. And why not, for example, more public/private partnerships. Where we would see cities proposing or making available new sites. And the developers which would valorize new projects, or as well on renovation or reconversion of sites. Then representatives of cities, industry of real estate and citizens have to get together to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions. And it will be of course possible during the many seminars.

In brief, why attend the fair ? Meet and greet sessions with potential partners, dedicated conferences, benefit from unique networking possibilities, discover investments opportunities, meet interested developers and public authorities looking for investors. And quoting the economic and commercial counsellor of the Embassy of Belgium in Kuwait: ” it will be the excellent opportunity to show to foreign investors what gateway to Europe really means.”   Do not hesitate then to plan your visit by having a look to the website of “Realty-Brussels”.

Olivier Bulto



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