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Joachim Lafosse and the Dardenne brothers are competing for the 69th Cannes film festival until May 22th.
The cinema has the power to amuse us by making us think, by moving us or in subjugating us. Belgian director or actor are indeed present in Cannes in various competitions. Joachim Lafosse presents his seventh movie ” L’économie du couple “, which will go out in Belgium on June 8th, to the ” Quinzaine des Réalisateurs “. Which was very well received during its projection last Friday in Cannes. Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne will be present for the seventh times to Cannes, and in different ways. With their latest film ” La fille inconnue ” which is part of the Official Selection, and will come out in next October in the Belgian cinemas. As well with the Ken Loach’s movie ” I, Daniel Blake ” through their production company. But the following actors will be also present in various competitions, Virginia Efira, François Damiens and Bouli Lanners among others. All these various movies will be present to the ” Marché du Film “, the current liveliness of the Belgian and French-speaking cinema is thus to be noticed.

The last movie of the director Joachim Lafosse: “L’économie du couple “, speaks to us pertinently and with a strong play of the actors, of the common life of a couple and their housing problems. Where each try to keep and value what he brought to the couple, during these ten years of common life. Unlike usual, the director worked from the original script of Mazarine Pingeot and Fanny Burdino. The film was shot in Brussels, in co-production with the tax shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and other stakeholders.

This Cannes film festival will be focussing on the major US and European actors, and will of course be a glamourous and chic rendezvous par excellence. With the renowned ascent of the grand staircase, and its famous red carpet. The President of the jury 2016 will be the Australian director of the series of “Mad Max”, from which the last opus has just received 6 Oscars on ten nomminations: George Miller. An honorary “Palme d’or” will be awarded to Jean-Pierre Leaud, a French comedian of the New Wave in the 60’s, who was the favourite actor of the director Franois Truffaut. Then until next Sunday and the official awards ceremony, the suspense is remaining.

Long live to the cinema…

Olivier Bulto



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