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Citius, Altius, Fortius: the Belgian Team is preparing himself for Rio 2016.

20160509_154629The Team Belgium” tries to apply this motto proposed by Pierre de Coubertin at the creation of the modern Olympic Games in 1894. The spirit that they are building around the Games will surely help to the the brilliance of Belgium worldwide. For this unique opportunity, the Royal Mint of Belgium is editing commemorative pieces of 2 Euro and a silver one of 10 Euros, at limited editions.

The 31th summer Olympic Games will indeed take place for the first time in South America, next August in Rio. Many districts of the city, created approximately 450 years ago, will have been for this exceptional opportunity revitalized or created. And the infrastructures have been also reinforced. Some entrepreneurial projects involving the population are completed. The city of Rio is trying to take advantage of these summer Olympic Games to grow as a “Mice”destination and for business tourism. The Olympic site will become after the Games: a leisure park, a research laboratory, a sports training center and some buildings will be turned into  schools…

So do not hesitate then to support all the athletes. About 85 days to Rio are still remaining, they will surely need your support.


Olivier Bulto



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