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California can propose magnificent nectars on the world market of wines, and benefits also from a constant climate to produce well balanced wines.

cal01The California wine exports set a record last year: thanks to a worldwide growing demand, the volumes sold were up about 4.1% from the previous 2014. Despite a strong dollar and a disadvantaging commercial balance. The wines of the State represents about 90% of the US production, with a production of approximately 461 million liters. Wines typically very well known for their quality and value, also a lifestyle destination with innovative cuisine and beautiful wines with an environmental responsibility. Another opportunity to benefit from these wonders, the 28 members country of the EU is the largest export markets of California wines.

The wine Institute of California is composed by more than 170 member wineries, mainly located in some valleys. Which the most famous known are originated from the Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Valley among others. It goes then not only from fabulous wines to taste at home, but California is also a wine-agricultural tourism State. California is primarily characterized by a climate with misty mornings, cool foggy nights and a constant cooling ocean breeze. And the “Admirable Winery”, located in the Malibu county is of course producing an inspired “Blanc&Blanc”, from viognier  grapes with a chardonnay touch. Perfectly food and wine matching for lovers of seafood, white meat, Asian cuisine or creamy desserts. But if you travel in Napa Valley, at a little more than an hour of road from San Francisco, you will discover the Castle of Marquetterie on the Carneros Domain property of the Taittinger family. The reproduction indeed of a castle located in Champagne, where it is possible to attend to a few tastings on the way of the wines route of California.

As quoted by Thomas Jefferson: “we could, in the United states, make as great a variety of wines as are made in Europe, not exactly of the same kind, but doubtless as good”.

Olivier BULTO



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