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This April 14th will be the “Roma Day”, and will mark the beginning of the festival Balkan Trafik which will take its districts to Bozar until April 17th, 2016.


For this 10th edition of the festival a South-East wind of Europe will blow on Bozar. The small dishes will be put in the big for these 4 days of meetings and artistic exchanges: concerts, movies, happenings, conferences, tastings, masterclasses, make-ups traditional, meetings, workshops for the children… In brief, a discovery of all the cultural wealth that this beautiful region of Europe has to offer. A confrontation between the traditional representations of the Balkans and the fusion of the genres, which will be a pleasure for the eyes and the ears of a delighted and diversified audience.

A Klezmer “music” in the joy of life, due to its hot tones and his lively rhythms which invites to participate, to sing, to dance. A festival which will be the symbol of the best of the arts of the Balkans, with the presence already assured by artists such as: Emir Kusturica, Jahwar&Mitsoura, Jordi Saval and many others. With among others the “Glass House Project” of Franck London, organized by the Hungarian cultural Institute of Brussels. With the intention to look at the largest picture of pre-war Hungarian music and to represent the breath and scope of Hungarian musics from many traditions. And as well as the Rumanian folk groups of dances Basarabia and Balako which will have been present during the ten edition. A program of an artistic vitality detailed by more than 40 concerts and many more activities to be discovered without waiting on:

A programming and even a unique, festive and friendly atmosphere…


Olivier BULTO  



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